UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones may have done some questionable things in the past but there is no denying he is one of the best of all time, if not the best. He has such a good head on his shoulders now when it comes to approaching fights and making sure his legacy is lasting. His demeanor and current maturity also make it easOwe for anyone to like him compared to the younger and more arrogant kid he once was. We’ve practically watched him grow up in the cage. Crazy.

In a recent interview on ESPN he was asked about his opponent for UFC 247 this Saturday, Dominick Reyes. He said it was going to be a “scary“ night for his opponent and predicted that he would finish the undefeated fighter in the first few rounds.

Jon also opened up about his approach to branding and making money. He admitted he needed to work on these things and when asked about the success of human money printing machine Conor McGregor he held nothing back. He stated that 50-100 years from now the Irishman would essentially be forgotten and that his own goal is to still be discussed at places like barber shops when arguing the MMA GOAT.

He is asked about any potential comparisons between the unstoppable Mike Tyson boxing run and the sudden crash Mike’s career took while he was still young like Jones. Jon doesn’t seem to take offense but we give the interviewer props. That ridiculousness took balls.

Watch what happens when someone infers that lightweight king Khabib Nurmagomedov is the best pound for pound fighter and not Jon. What a poker face.

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