Jon Jones has one of the best coaches in the history of mixed martial arts. Greg Jackson has produced some amazing talents and taken some talents like Jon to the next level. He has been with the UFC light heavyweight champion since he was just a promising prospect and watched him grow into possibly the greatest fighter of all time. There are a lot of positives about being in the sport successfully that long but there are some negatives as well.

Jon has fought a variety of opponents and each one of them has presented a new challenge and a new style for him to face. Fighting that many opponents and having that much footage for the world to see and examine gives you a completely different type of challenge.

Your opponents now have study aids so to speak. Plenty of opportunities to analyze and strategize but many of the challengers that Jones faces don’t have as much footage of them presenting another issue for his team. I can only imagine what it would be like for Greg Jackson to try and base his entire strategy on one or two available high profile fights. Sheesh.

Jon fights 12-0 Dominick Reyes on Saturday at UFC 247 and it’s difficult to say if he brings anything different to the table for the current champion than he has already faced.

ESPN shared a quote from Jackson echoing our sentiments.

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