Masvidal has chip on shoulder despite standing ‘snatching souls‘ at the ‘pinnacle’

Gamebred is the man right now.

Jorge Masvidal is an interesting dude. He’s charismatic, what you see is what you get, and he’s got a calm and cool line delivery that is occasionally chilling. He’s the total package.

Masvidal is also the baddest mother f****er in the game and he holds that physical BMF belt with a firm grip. When Jorge impressively defeated Nate Diaz for the what was initially just a ‘one time’ title he instantly became a megastar. Taking on a life of its own, the belt is something a lot of guys want whether they say it out loud or not. It now holds some serious prestige.

Do you wanna be a title holder or labeled the BMF in the game? Glory or street cred. We will take the BMF street cred please. The glory will come.

Conor McGregor’s name has been thrown around as Jorge’s next opponent but it’s unlikely that bout will materialize. After Gamebred’s altercation with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman recently that fight is looking more and more likely. It’s going to be a nasty one.

Here’s the clip of he and Kamaru going at it verbally and please note that Masvidal is probably not going to let this slide. He’s legitimately an MMA Terminator. He can’t be reasoned with and he absolutely will not stop until you are dead

It just got real.

In a much more relaxed setting with ESPN MMA we got a good idea of where Masvidal’s head is actually at. He sounds like he has a solid vision of what his future looks like and awareness of the current UFC big picture.

Check it out and let us know. McGregor or Usman for Masvidal next?

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