Gamebred keeps his one sided McGregor feud going

Right off the bat I want to make it clear that we love Jorge Masvidal aka “Gamebred”. The current BMF title holder is pretty much Nick Diaz without the insane antics and middle fingers in the cage. He’s highly skilled and very entertaining.

The extremely popular and title shot deserving Masvidal should be scoping in on current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman but instead he’s looking for a red panty night. He’s been trying to bait mega star Conor McGregor in to a Feud since the Irishman returned to destroy Cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246 on January 18th. Dana wants the Usman fight, the fans want the Usman fight, and Usman wants the Usman fight. A little Usmanception there.

Still, Gamebred is eyeing those red panties.

ESPN shared a quote from the BMF underneath an image of McGregor. It’s the kind of quote that the Irishman pays attention to because it’s essentially telling him that he’s incapable of doing something and he doesn’t like that. Proof? See Floyd Mayweather Jr. To be told he has weaknesses is not going to fly and since no one thinks a bout with Jorge Masvidal is a good idea – he will probably do it.

We know Conor has interacted indirectly here and there but the war bonfires have not been lit just yet. Check out the quote and tell us if and how long it is before Conor responds.

We are pretty sure that Conor has his sights set on a certain Russian.

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