LOL: I swore this was actually Jorge Masvidal at the Grammys

Holy doppelgänger Batman! Gamebred has a twin.

I had to do a triple take here. Last night the Grammy award show was aglow with its usual homogenized pageantry and I was zoned out until a guy walked out on stage wearing a suit like, and looking just like UFC BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal. Same outrageous suit, same hair, and same emotionless expression. They could have been separated at birth. I’m not kidding.

The only problem is that my man ain’t gangsta like Masvidal is. Dan Shay is the lookalike and he’s as far from Jorge as possible in terms of personas. Shay is a country singer and he was out on stage accepting an award for a song called ‘Speechless’. If you get hit by Gamebred you are rendered speechless. Just ask Darren Till and Ben Askren.

Just look at this and tell me it’s not Masvidal in disguise!


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