Wow. I liked Conor McGregor already but a new video has surfaced and showed me just how much he has grown.

His respectful and classy approach towards a UFC legend like Cowboy Cerrone leading up to their UFC 246 clash highlighted a newfound maturity. Some people might think it’s an act but others like myself and villainous trash talk master, Chael Sonnen believe it’s real. A new and candid emotional clip of McGregor’s UFC 246 post fight reaction is proof enough for us.

If you are one of the people still on the fence about his good guy transformation we don’t blame you. We also think this video proves it isn’t an act. Gone is the yelling, billionaire strutting, flexing, and cage straddling. Instead they are replaced with humility, joy, and class. Are we in an alternate dimension?

Check it out…

Right in the feels.

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