There is one event that will make our hearts throb with excitement and happiness and it was called the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This event was built to satisfy the emotion, primitive need, and competitive desire. This is designed to make us feel that we are the ones joining this sport. Indeed, this is one sport that you need to witness live. Here are the reasons why: 

Ring Girls 

Any guy watching the UFC event will not dare leave their seats during rounds to refill their chips or go to the toilet. This is because they all wanted to catch a glimpse of the UFC’s ring girls. Some of the models are from Maxim and Playboy. 

On the television, these girls will do the job right. But the experience is very different if you see them live just like playing at poker online.

Crowd Participation 

 When you are seated amongst other UFC fans, few things will match the overall camaraderie. Sometimes, it can be the round-by-round chants. It can also be the fight-by-fight reactions or the occasional heckle. Overall, it is a wonderful feeling to be one during live games. 

The Speed 

Indeed, mixed martial arts is one of the most difficult sports to excel at. There are various disciplines to master to be on top of the game. 

But in UFC, various fighters will offer distinct techniques that cover different departments. 

Watching this event on your television only will not give it justice. 

It all happens at a much faster pace during the live session. Flying knees, takedown attempts, lunging uppercuts, and the occasional groin shots are all happening very fast when you watch it live. 

It is very difficult to keep track of all the action when you watch it together with thousands of other people. The same is true when playing poker online. 


This is one tribute to all the blood spilled inside the ring at the faces and hands of the greatest fighters of the world. 

UFC is often seen by some as gruesome and barbaric. But there is so much more in this game. Indeed, it’s a game-changer and every game shifts the fight into an entirely different level. 

Seeing blood live is like watching the diamonds glare. It brings about senses which you didn’t believe to exist. Indeed, this is a perfect ending to your week. 

Bruce Buffer 

Seeing Bruce Buffer is an exhilarating experience. Indeed, his movements are very entertaining. But it is a different thing if you hear him. The feeling is similar to hearing the Pope lead the prayer during the mass. 

It is an event in itself. It is like seeing Tom Brady throw a touchdown. Indeed, Buffer has become a symbol of UFC which you can only experience best if you see it live. 

The Sounds 

Nobody and nothing will prepare you on what you will hear at the live UFC event. You will hear the cheers of the fans and the sounds of the fight. 

Everything seems to be happening all at once and it can be difficult to picture out. But if you have been in a live UFC event, you will understand these harmonies.

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