I have never seen so many people hate on a fighter more than Colby Covington.

Saturday night at UFC 245 we were 50 seconds away from crowning him the new welterweight champion. More on that in a second. Kamaru Usman broke Colby’s jaw early in their 5 round affair and Covington powered through it. With the above mentioned 50 seconds left on the clock in the last round, Colby was dropped and the ref stepped in to call it. Since then, despite being one of the best 170 pound fighters to ever do it, he has been ridiculed.

Let me clue these people in. Despite his atrocious out of the cage persona he is the real deal. According to Dana White here were the judges score cards:

3-1 Usman

3-1 Covington

2 rounds a piece

5th round they had Covington winning until the stoppage.

Ergo, vis a vis…almost new champ. The latest to join in is a person I forgot even existed.

Rosie O’Donnell.

For the new generation, she was a talk show host, actress, comedian who mentally broke and disappeared from public awareness. The usually angry lady has resurfaced and went straight at Covington for why, you might ask? Because he is a Trump supporter. You think I’m kidding?

I’d love to see these haters get in to the cage and say these things. I really would. I’m not a Colby lover but I will defend a great fighter because they put themselves through hell to prepare. Talent has nothing to do with being an ass hat.

Can’t we all just get along?

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