HRMMA 112 had some memorable moments in front of a standing room only crowd of thousands in November. They return to action this weekend with their final show of 2019 going down on Saturday in Dayton.

HRMMA was purchased by B2Digital and is part of a growing number of organizations under the B2 Fighting Series umbrella. HRMMA is one of the flagships leading the company’s growth and has already announced shows in February and March of 2020.

HRMMA 113 takes place on Saturday in Dayton, Ohio at the Dayton Convention Center. The bouts start at 7:30 and the full card is below.

Main Card

  1. Jacob Raikes(Somerset Combat)(2-0) vs Tyler Riggs(Vision)(1-2) 155
  2. Mitchel Vaughn(Hardknox MMA)(0-1) vs Nick Huff(Huff MMA) 135
  3. Rockey Clark(Topp Dogg)(5-10) vs Alec Price(Immortal Martial Arts)(3-2) 185
  4. Jacob Hall(Core)(0-0) vs Justice Bumpus(Kraken)(1-0) 185
  5. Quentin Campbell(NKY BJJ)(0-0) vs Maurice Yarbrough(Dayton Vision)(0-1) Heavy

Middle Card

  1. Will Owens(Goodnight Muay Thai)(2-1) vs Stephen Hale(1-2)(Dayton Absolute) 175
  2. Corey Andres(Dayton Vision)(2-3) vs Mike Stewart(1-3) 145
  3. James Bolt(Immortal Way)(0-0) vs Shaun Stant(Tenbears)(1-0) 155
  4. Dylan Rinck(Kraken)(3-0) vs Cameron Kinzig(Immortal Martial Arts)(2-0) Heavyweight
  5. Cameron McIntosh(Victory)(6-2) vs Jimmy Sandlin(Vision Dayton)(c)(7-4) 170 Title


  1. Jeff Mack(Triple Crown)(1-3) vs Nick Rodriguez(East Dayton Boxing)(1-3) 145 PRO
  2. Feraris Golden(Demolition Fight Team)(0-0) vs Mike Douglas(Corbin MMA) 155 PRO
  3. Gavin Agnew(ATT Indy) vs Paul Schommer(Vision Dayton) 170 PRO

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