CM Punk left WWE back in 2014 to the disappointment t of wrestling fans and joined the UFC to the confusion of MMA fans. His journey has been just plain strange to be honest. From the pinnacle of pro wrestling to the absolute bottom of the barrel in cage fighting by getting smashed twice. Joe Rogan even went as far as saying he had zero natural fighting ability. We concur

What went wrong and where do we go from here?

Punk returned to WWE programming indirectly when he was brought for Fox’s WWE Backstage TV show. He’s not on a true pro wrestling show but his appearance did generate buzz and more importantly speculation on a return. It kicked in to overdrive when Seth Rollins challenged him to a fight and It went super nova when they continued to go back and forth.

Do we really need to see Punk come back? He left on top and only money or a promise of a true main event Wrestlemania spot could bring him back. His legacy is cemented as being one of the greatest of all time and coming back after losing so much credibility in the real fighting world might hurt it, especially if he underperforms. Brock Lesnar had no trouble returning because he had been UFC champion and was a huge box office draw. Punk was neither.

In my opinion he should stay away and remain in a commentator or host role. He should enjoy his retirement while getting paid well for remaining on TV in a non performer role.

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