I never thought this would happen. Given the way CM Punk left WWE and all of the negative things he said about the company it was not something anyone expected.

CM Punk has indeed returned to WWE television albeit not in the ring as a wrestler. He is much smaller than he was when he was champion in the company and that is mostly due to his failed UFC run in its welterweight division. He had to drop a considerable amount of mass to make the 170 pound weight limit so when he walked out on the set of FS1’s WWE Backstage he looked very small next to the other hosts. Not a knock on Phil Brooks, I’m just setting the stage.

The show supplements WWE’s sports entertainment flagship programming like Smackdown that now airs on FOX. The hope is reportedly that this new show will bring back viewers after the ratings for Smackdown have dropped drastically since its debut. Obviously they are hoping fan favorite Punk will get more eyes on the show.

Keeping it 100 here that will only happen if he puts his boots back on.

Check out his return and let us know what you think. Will it make a difference or will WWE’s creative team continue to be their own worst enemy?

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