CM Punk just reemerged on FOX’s WWE Backstage TV program and already there are guys on the roster calling him out. The question most are asking is whether we will ever see him back on WWE pro wrestling programming as a competitor?

Fans seem to be split on whether or not he will lace up the boots again. If he does will he finally headline a Wrestlemania? That’s what he said was one of the reasons he left the company in the first place. Will HHH use his son in law status to put himself in the main event with him? We put the odds at 2:1 that he will. Man HHH is annoying…

Punk very well could be back in the ring soon because Seth Rollins is already calling him out.

Is it a shoot? He did use the word “fight” and Seth might just be trolling him over his two lopsided UFC losses. It would make sense to the fans who buy into Punk’s eventual return to the ring that the Universal champion is calling him out. Here’s Seth’s follow up tweet.

Will CM Punk ever wrestle in WWE again? Will it be for Wrestlemania only?

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