Free Spins Without Deposit in Denmark

Are no deposit free spins a myth or a reality? The answer is: yes, it is a reality! It is actually true that some Danish online casinos give new players 50 spins without deposit. This means you get 50 free games that you can spend on a selected game, giving you 50 chances to win money without costing you a cent! In Casino guides you can find a list over online casinos, where you as a new player can get 50 spins without deposit. Several casinos in Denmark offer free spins with no deposit for new players, in Danish it sounds free spins uden indbetaling. To be sure that you are eligible for bonus offers at the casinos, sign up and remember to include a casino bonus code if needed.

It is important that you sign up at the casino homepage to be able to receive your offer.

The phenomenon of free spins

If you’ve never had to deal with free spins before, then you might be wondering what all that is about. Thus, we would like to tell you the story of how they have become the most popular bonus for online casino players.

It all started a few years ago as the market for online casinos grew and in Denmark the gambling market became liberalized by the Danish Gambling Authority in 2012, so more players wanted a bite of the cake. At this point, the only kind of casino bonus that a player could get when registering at an online casino was a welcome bonus, which was linked to really high playing requirements.

Due to the great competition between the various brands and the lack of innovation and development, it was only a matter of time before something significant would happen. And it certainly did. In 2009, some of the leading online casinos in the world presented their players a new, innovative form of a bonus.

The new bonus form was called free spins. It differed a lot from the normal deposit bonus, because now players were given the opportunity to try a casino before making their first deposit. This was done by giving a chance for free game rounds for a particular slot machine. The amount of free rounds varied widely among different casinos.

Free spins – a standard offer perfect for trying out a casino

The most common amount of free spins with no deposit that new players can receive is 20 – 25. It is still incredibly generous after all. 20 chances to play for free on slots can be enough for you to win! The winnings you receive will be credited to your account, so once you have used up all your spins, you can just keep playing.

Free spins seem too good to be true,  but it is a reality. In Denmark we are constantly working hard to find the best and biggest casino bonuses that we can benefit from. The best casino guides with overview of online casinos in Denmark give you a chance to get free spins bonus without deposit.

Should I choose free spins with or without deposit?

It depends on certain things. Are you the cautious person who prefers to try a casino site without risk? Want to get more value for money from your deposit by getting a 100 free game or more?

In the end, you have to decide whether you want a slot machine bonus to be able to play for free or to get more funds for your real money bets and winnings.

The best deals are the ones that give you the chance to win, even if you only have 10 or 20 free spins, and at the same time have reasonable betting requirements, so you still have the chance to get your winnings paid out.

Why shall I choose to take free spins from an online casino?

We love getting free spins; especially because they are typically for the classic slot machines. If an online casino has first offered you a sign up bonus, there are also good chances that there will be more free games and bonuses for you in the future. 

No matter what device you are playing on – your Android phone, tablet, iPhone or desktop – a free spins casino allows you to get free spins on your mobile and to play for free on slots you may not be familiar with in advance.

They give you the chance to potentially win hundreds or thousands (maybe even millions) of dollars in cash. After all your big winnings can come out of one lucky spin.

How does it work?

New players can still get a free bonus when registering at most online casinos and without making a deposit. Since the competition between the various casinos on the internet is very fierce, it has obviously left its mark in the attempt to attract new customers and retain existing customers. And so it benefits the customers in the end.

Casino bonuses for new and existing players vary a lot, but most casinos offer many free spins upon registration. It means, you will get your free spins bonus automatically without making a payment.

If you want an even greater number of spins then you should definitely make at least one deposit at the casino. Doing this can often get you hundreds of extra spins. In addition, casinos often give players making a deposit additional spins through sending emails, newsletters and promotional offers.

 How can I get more spins?

But this bonus form is not just for new players at the various casinos. Most casino brands run with various promotions and campaigns, where you as an existing player can get even more free spins.

Free Spins without Deposit is a common gift that casinos give their players when new casino games are launched. That’s because they want their players to try out the new slots, so they keep playing at the casino when their spins are used up.