We were happy to see Darren till get back in the win column at UFC 244. He beat Kelvin Gastelum by decision helping to erase the brutal knockout loss he suffered at the hands of Jorge Masvidal in his previous fight. The jump to middleweight seemed to suit him.

We all assumed his next fight would be against someone else around his number five ranking to help him truly get a foothold in the division. what we did not expect is for him to call out heavy hitter Yoel Romero right away. Of all the available fighters he could choose this was one of the few we did not see in his future anytime soon.

That knock out from Jorge was violent and if you ask any mixed martial arts fighter about a loss like that they will probably say it does a number to your overall mental state. You have to recover psychologically which can take much longer than any physical damage. So his calling out a killer likeRomero was either truly brave or just plain crazy.

Somewhere, Yoel is saying, “I’ll see you soon boy”.

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