Ouch: Dustin Poirier roasts Nate Diaz’s retirement tweet

Nate Diaz we all love you. Dustin Poirier doesn’t.

At one point Poirier and Diaz were slated to face each other but a myriad of reasons kept it from happening. We were gifted Nate vs Jorge Masvidal instead and we were okay with that.

Masvidal won via doctor stoppage at UFC 244 due to nasty lacerations around Nate’s eye. Since then the social media war has been mostly between fans who thought it was wrong or justified. Not anymore.

Diaz posted a Conor McGregor type hint at retirement meaning there was no subtlety and no f-bombs given. After he posted It the media picked it up and ran. Fellow fighters and fans discussed it as civil as something can be on the internet. Then Poirier pounced.

Ouch. Will this finally make their bout happen?