Funny: Tommy Toe Hold perfectly parodies the UFC 244 post fight presser

Can we just take a minute to appreciate just how awesome the Tommy Toe Hold show has been? In case you don’t know who Tommy Toe Hold is we will break it down.

He’s a poorly animated, well written, and relentlessly entertaining parody show host. If you are just discovering him through us then you are welcome. We invite you to start at his first video and we will see you some time next year. There are a lot of them but the Diaz ones stand out more than the rest except maybe the holiday specials. His impressions are pretty darn good and his caricatures are very accurate most of the time. It’s just all around awesome.

This one highlights the fallout from the BMF title fight that was stopped before the 4th bell by a doctor. It addresses all aspects of it and turns Dana White up to 11.

Check it out.

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