Nate Diaz wants Jorge Masvidal again despite Dana’s disapproval

Even though Nate Diaz lost all three rounds in his bout with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 on Saturday he wants to run it back. His face was cut above and below his eye and before the fourth bell could sound the doctor stopped the fight. This instantly prompted high profile criticism from Joe Rogan and a host of others.

It wasn’t until later on after the roar of the crowd died down that people began to change their tunes. The damage to the skin around his eye was pretty substantial.

If that image doesn’t convince you nothing will.

Dana White has been adamant that despite fans insisting a rematch should happen it would not. He reasoned that Masvidal was soundly beating Nate every round and did enough damage that it was not close enough to warrant one.

Nate Disagrees.

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