What would a UFC event be without controversy? Answer. A miracle.

The latest controversy revolves around a towel, Kelvin Gastelum, his elbow, and a shoulder. It occurred during his official weigh in this morning for his UFC 244 middleweight bout with Darren Till.

In the video below, Gastelum weighs in behind a towel and everything looks fair. After a closer examination it appears that he placed his elbow on coach Rafael Cordeiro‘s shoulder. This would allow some of the weight to be redistributed and help him make the weight. Gastelum has missed his target before BUT that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of anything. Just pointing that out.

Truthfully this could simply be the result of an overzealous and concerned coach trying to watch the numbers on the scale. Then again…why is anyone else but Kelvin allowed near the scale?

Watch and decide for yourself if there is anything funny going on.

By Sean McClure

Sean McClure was the AFL marketing Director. He also wrote for MaXfighting and BJPenn before finding his true home at PMN. He is a retired ring announcer and former sparring partner to many mixed martial artists.

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