La Parka seriously injured in AAA match

WCW in the 90’s highlighted cruiserweights who were wrestling the refreshing high flying Lucha style. It was a welcome change of pace from large, sweaty, and shouty men punching and slamming for 10 minutes. Wrestlers like Ultimo Dragon, Psychosis, Billy Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, and La Parka stood out and provided some great “did you see that” moments.

Sadly, Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza who currently wrestles as the masked La Parka suffered an injury last night at the AAA event in Arena Coliseo. At 53 years old he dove out of the ring and hit his head on the guard rail and likely the floor shortly after. He went limp and stayed motionless until the paramedics arrived but reliable sources are saying he’s awake. Unfortunately he does not have full feeling in his legs as of this posting

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