If you want proof that Vince McMahon either hates the fans or is truly out of touch just read this. WWE is slowly but surely sinking and looking more and more like WCW 2000. It kills me to say that.

Expect damage control to begin to circulate but if this is true it should not shock anyone. There have been reports since at least the Roman Reigns push that seemed to never end about Vinny Mac’s disregard for fan desires. The Daniel Bryan ‘Yes’ movement was a 100% accident and went against everything Vince reportedly wanted at the time. He reluctantly gave it to us despite the mainstream attention.

When The Ultimate Warrior first started in the 1980’s, McMahon pushed him so hard against initial fan negative reactions that he even told Bruce Prichard once that he would essentially keep shoving him down fans throats until they loved him. Unfortunately that strategy has worked a few times in 30 plus years and we are now subjected to it regularly. Ask Randy Orton, John Cena, JBL, and God help us – HHH to name only a few.

To the topic at hand here. According to Lordsofpain.net McMahon was laughing publicly shortly after the mess of a finish at Hell in the Cell and the backlash from the crowd.

Chants of BS, the name of rival promotion AEW, and refund were just some of the words echoing throughout the arena. That’s right, folks. Vince thought this fan anger was funny if those reliable sources are telling the truth.

Reports also surfaced via Lordsofpain and other WWE related news sites that he was simply covering up his fear and anger. If you have been following Vinny Mac news for a long time then you know he likely thought it was funny how pissed the audience was. Besides flatulence the dissatisfaction of paying crowds is his favorite thing to scoff at?

Sad. Look how far they have fallen. Vince we are sorry but you need to move on.

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