WWE Superstars That Used Boxing in Their Move-Set

We have witnessed many punches in the WWE universe. And a punch is a simple move that is part of every wrestler’s ammunition. But it wouldn’t be simple compared to playing games at online casinos in usa for real money. 

However, what makes a wrestler stand out from other wrestlers is the way other wrestlers punches their way into big matches. Sometimes their punches can make it look as if they are professional boxers. But the thing is they just know how to perfect their craft and there is no reason to underestimate the power of a good punch. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the wrestlers that can qualify to be in the boxing ring. 

Dean Ambrose 

So we start off our list with one of the top wrestlers who has been phenomenal in the WWE universe. By taking a closer look at Dean Ambrose you will conclude that he is someone who doesn’t have the strongest of punches. His punches are very strong and his timing is good as if he is a well-decorated boxer. Watching him you would think he has come across the likes of Floyd Mayweather or Joshua. 

Ambrose finds joy in punching his opponents until they are out of gas his signature Jab is his finishing staple move that has become with the WWE universe. 

Bubba Ray Dudley 

According to casinoza, Bubba Ray Dudley is one of the top competitors that has made his name in the professional wrestler. He has move set that can be deemed to be very unique. But his punch strike is followed up by a bionic elbow. Bubba’s combo encompasses a boxer-like stance that will then trigger him to dish out punches to the opponent one after the other. 

What most fans love about this wrestler is that when he started punching his opponent it seems as though he is having a boxing match and the WWE universe loves that about him. 

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