WATCH: Fan made trailer for Masvidal vs Diaz is lit

If you think Joe Rogan is hyped now for Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 wait until he sees this fan made trailer.

The bout is for a one time “Baddest motherf$&@er on the planet” title or something like that, it keeps changing. Dana White has stated that he will actually present a real belt to the winner of the fight recognizing them as such. The fight for said title came about when Diaz called out fellow “gangster” Masvidal surprising everyone except for maybe the Diaz camp. Keeping it 100 we thought it would be Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov whose name came out of his mouth. Thankfully we were wrong.

Check out this amazing fan made video by a talented editor.

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