At least we have Nate.

Nick Diaz always seemed to be one fight away from the UFC welterweight championship but it never panned out. He had the shot against former champ Georges St. Pierre and came up short. He had a chance to win the interim belt against Carlos Condit and couldn’t make it happen. It was maddening for big fans of the Stockton native like us.

His last fight was back in 2015 against Anderson Silva and on top of losing that fight he tested positive for marijuana. Granted, Silva tested positive for a banned substance himself and the bout was ruled a no contest that future fans will have to research to find out exactly what happened. It was a mess.

Since that fight we the fans have been begging Nick to come back because believe it or not he’s closing in on 40. He’s 36 years old and his prime is most likely past him but he probably can still be the Diaz of old if he puts in work. We aren’t the only ones who feel like this. A lot of fighters do too -and we cannot believe we are saying this – including GSP.

St. Pierre spoke with FanSided and he explained that he even thinks Diaz could have been champion.

I think just it’s sad to see a guy like him waste his best years. I think he could have been champion, especially when Woodley was there. Stylistically it would of been a nightmare for a guy like Tyron Woodley.

He’s one of the best fighters that I fought. Who knows, maybe his best years are to come.

Remember Georges that Nick isn’t down for those wolf tickets, homie.

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