WATCH: Nate Diaz returns in UFC 241 Countdown

Nate Diaz finally returns this Saturday at UFC 241 to face Anthony Pettis and we are truly grateful. Diaz is one of the most exciting and dynamic fighters in the UFC whose star has risen substantially in the past few years due to his surprising victory over and subsequent rematch with Conor McGregor. His fans doubled overnight and the interest from long-term fans was definitely renewed.

He is back in action at UFC 241 on Saturday to face former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. Several names were thrown around according to Dana White but this one peaked the interest of Diaz. Pettis is exciting and game to face anyone they ask him to and we can only imagine his smile when he got an offer to face Nate.

The official UFC 241 countdown was dropped today and it got us hyped. What about you? Check it out.

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