The Three Best MMA Betting Sites

Mixed Martial Arts is an ever-growing sport, with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) propelling this exciting full-contact combat sport into the limelight.

The UFC was founded back in 1993 and has now turned into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, entertaining millions of people around the world.

With MMA’s growing popularity, betting sites have started to give the sport more love.

Take advantage of the latest betting offers for MMA and the UFC today with over £1000 in bonuses up for grabs!

You can now bet on a number of different MMA events, with fights from Bellator (another large MMA promotion company) and UFC mostly.

But, which betting sites offer the best MMA betting product?


Betfair offers a great MMA betting product, featuring events from the UFC and Bellator. This will include the prelims and main card fights for both.

You will always find above industry odds on Betfair, and their daily odds boosts can sometimes offer even more value on the day of the fights.

As the events get closer, you will see a wide range of markets to choose from, ranging from a method of victory to round betting.


SkyBet is a fantastic UK betting site for MMA punters. You will find a wide range of events from both Bellator and the UFC (including prelims and main events).

Expect to find regular odds boosts on MMA events with SkyBet, as well as high odds and a decent range of betting markets. You can also request your own customized bet!

Live betting with SkyBet is quick and easy, and you will find plenty of in-play markets on fights in both the UFC and Bellator.


Another great option for betting on the MMA. BetVictor offer a wide range of MMA events, but they mostly focus on the UFC. 

However, they have made it in the top three with their high odds for UFC punters. 

You will find a good range of markets for most UFC events, and you can even create your own custom MMA bets with their #PriceItUp feature.

Simply tweet BetVictor with your custom bet and use the #PriceItUp hashtag. They will get back to you with odds if the bet is accepted, and it will appear in their #PriceItUp section.