Australia is one of the richest countries in the world, which allows it to pour in quite a lot of resources when it comes to supporting and maintaining their professional athletes.

But when it comes to MMA, it’s all about getting a game with the UFC and the sportsman has a high chance of making it big in the long run.

The government saw just how much attention MMA was garnering from Australian viewers and therefore started promoting it in places such as schools as it was seeming to be a relatively nice activity for recreation in the beginning.

But little did they know just how much this would increase the popularity of the sport with Aussies as tens of thousands are starting to attend the events, while hundreds of thousands watch the fights nearly every day.

This was mostly seen during an event in Melbourne where nearly 56,000+ spectators showed up and nearly every Aussie online casino was clogged with gamblers trying to place bets as fast as possible due to the difference in the odds for a specific fight.

Having the local population be such huge gambling fans played a massive role in the popularization of MMA in the long run, as nearly every game and event was reeling in hundreds of sports bettors on various platforms.

But even that very distinct characteristic of the Australian population was not the deciding factor in MMA’s spike in popularity. It, in fact, was a combination of different reasons.

Why such a sudden spike?

One of the reasons why MMA managed to spike in popularity in Australia is due to the absence of a language barrier.

Most of the events are broadcasted in English, therefore Aussies always had the opportunity to watch the fights without relying on a local TV channel or a provider to translate them.

Many were expecting that due to huge time differences between Australia and locations where the events are usually held, would somehow diminish the popularity. But considering exactly those time restrictions, we see just how much Aussies are dedicated to watching their favourite players.

Add to that the connection to the Commonwealth countries, where dozens of fighters hail from and we get a nice idea of the same of MMA in Australia not considering the fact that Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney are always popular destinations for the events as well.

Australians like their entertainment

Being a direct dissident of the United Kingdom makes one predisposed to being a devoted entertainment industry consumer, I don’t know how it works.

But nearly everything that is popular in the UK, is similarly relevant in Australia as well.

MMA quickly became an addiction not only for the sports fans but for betting fans as well, as local sportsbooks started to feature the events exclusively, providing large odds and offering multiple enticing benefits.

Considering the fact that nearly 80% of Australia’s legal gambling population has taken part in the iGaming industry at least once in their life, it’s safe to say that the market demand was there and that it was met with flying colours.

The future of MMA in Australia

The popularity of MMA is sure to continue in Australia especially as the local economy grows. The government will become much more lenient on allowing special classes in schools to provide even more recreational activity to students in their attempts to popularize sports and event managers still have a lot of ground to cover in cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

It’s safe to say that in the nearest future, not only are we going to see more and more Aussies log onto streaming services to watch the sport, but the Aussie fighters themselves are going to maybe double in the coming years.

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