Kentucky reportedly changes MMA weight class limits

Kentucky has quietly been knocking it out of the park when it comes to their mixed martial arts governance. I’m not joking they do a very good job.

They reportedly dropped a bombshell recently revealing that the light heavyweight, heavyweight, and official super heavyweight limits have decreased. Those big guys better start working on their speed bag drills to lighten their load maybe.

Flyweight through middleweight will stay the same but light heavyweight stops at 195 pounds instead of the long standing 205. Heavyweight runs from 196-230 pounds and anything above 230 is considered super heavyweight.

Read that again before I continue.

This allows for more belts and prevents 206 pound fighters from getting paired up with 265 pound monsters. It does raise some pretty significant questions though.

Will the new weight classes prevent the UFC from returning? They have a 205 pound champion that would now be considered a heavyweight meaning he would have to drop in weight or simply have non-title fights?

My head hurts.

How will they handle the booking of guys that come in right at 265 pounds? 230 pound heavyweight champions are not common in the UFC. Alistair Overeem is listed as 247, Curtis Blaydes is 260, and Francis Ngannou sits at 265.

I have no answers to any of those. As soon as they flesh those out I will pass it on to you guys. Pinky promise.

Here’s what I was sent:

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