Before the advent of ‘DA Zone’ boxing shows were accessible to all. Not only potential viewers or spectators had to disburse an important sum of money monthly or yearly, but very few videos were also displayed in European countries. With the launch of DAZN, many sports, especially boxing became available to viewers owing to the advantages which came alongside the launch of DAZN in the United Kingdom.

The Introduction of DAZN Platform into European Media Landscape

DAZN otherwise known as ‘DA Zone’ is a membership service designed to broadcast and display sports competitions only. Barely three years since its creation, this sporting structure based and launched in the UK, has been able to cover major sporting jamborees. Though boxing occupies the Centre stage, a total of 8000 sports events have viewed in the United States of America officially started some four years back in the United Kingdom, the aforementioned sporting network has deluged many western countries America included with sporting relaxation and entertainment.

Besides, DAZN is very instrumental in the promotion of a variety of sporting competitions. The targeted new sports comprise of Live stream Boxing or MMA. Its partnership with Eddie Hearn has enabled it to better promote or develop these news ports. Because of this, the new set-up network has become flourishing with sixteen competitions organised on American soil.

Potential Fights in the United States

Among the fights due to be viewed in America was the one between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that the two boxers mentioned previously were real boxing stars. Still, with the help of Eddie Hearn, important names and fights were recorded by the sporting network. The other fight on the schedule was that of Joshua versus Povetkin. Before the appointed day, a lot of talks took place about Joshua’s heavyweight title being at state. The long-awaited fight was going to be a real cause of enjoyment for viewers in America presented as the most fascinating fight ever viewed on the network, the pleasure in many homes in the United States. The good thing about the creation or launching of DAZN was that fights put up by renown boxing stars like Canelo were made available to all viewers. Whereas before the coming of DZAN the viewing of such fights was out of the reach of many viewers.

DAZN Offers or Advantages

In order to develop a passion for sports events and increase the numbers of viewers, DAZN came up with proposals. According to this streaming media, viewers could either pay to watch fights on a monthly or yearly basis. This move by DAZN was innovative and new given that DAZN became reachable by all viewers of devices. These included computers, smartphones, laptops, desktops and you name the rest. On top of this, viewers or users of DAZN network could download programs of their liking.

More Fight on DAZN

The first one this series is that of Canelo against Danny Jacobs. This fight brought in many supporters of the Mexican star and Genius. Thanks to this very fight, one could see clearly that there were bright days ahead of the boxing industry. Meanwhile, Mexicans endeavoured to pay in order to watch the fight of their counterpart, Canelo decided to help his fellow citizens to watch his fight free of charge. There were also fights of renown boxers like Golovkin, Joshua and Usyk for which viewers needed paying nothing at all. This move prevented many viewers from spending a lot of money to watch the fights. Canelo’s initiative filled viewers with joy and gratefulness towards him. As usual, there still some people who found fault with Canelo. They blamed him for making such an offer to viewers the success and fame of Canelo made many jealous, one of those is Mayweather.

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