The term “woke” is essentially associated with social justice warriors and inadvertent victims of Hollywood’s ‘movement marketing’ techniques. This can be seen prominently in the Star Wars films and especially in the Batwoman TV series trailer. The latest movement marketing focus is female empowerment/feminism. Nothing wrong with that we are just making a point that it’s out there and a common topic for discussions.

Is it good or bad that Hollywood makes billions exploiting these causes for billions of dollars? One might be better off making SlotsATM.

When guys like UFC head Dana White join in on that conversation there isn’t that slimy feeling creeping over you. During a recent interview he made some statements that might bother some but rings true to us.

These women are incredible. What’s crazy too, when you think about the empowerment of women right now — for most men this is hard to wrap their head around — a woman will kick your ass these days. It’s not like it was 30 years ago. When I grew up, they played with dolls and we played sports. Not anymore.

Before you lose your minds we want you to ask yourself these questions – and answer truthfully. First off do you think female fighters have come a long way since MMA rose to prominence? Are there male fighters in comparable weight divisions that could be beaten by top tier women such as Amanda Nunes, Cris Cyborg, and Holly Holm? We do but that’s just our opinion – and Dana’s.

If you think about in all other sports what they talk about is ‘if women play golf, they hit from shorter tees’, there’s always some excuse about women playing a sport. It’s absolutely an even playing field in the UFC. They fight the same style, they fight everything and even the pay. At the time Ronda Rousey was here, she was the highest paid fighter in the UFC.

During the past five years the arguments against and for inter-gender match-ups have been brought up mostly as click bait but do we really want it? Check out Dana’s comments below and let us know if you agree.

Do you ever want to see an inter-gender fight?

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