In 2018, the martial arts experienced incredible moments whereby Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped over the cage after he won against McGregor. On the other hand, Amanda Nunes might win against Cris Cyborg during the initial round. After more drama, Jon Jones returned while Demetrious and Alvarez joined one Championship. With more craziness anticipated in 2019, the MMA team, including Ariel, Phil Murphy, Chamaktar and others in the list below, came up with the following bold predictions of the year.

Max Holloway will win a lightweight championship

According to the MMA team, there is a possibility that Max Holloway might win the 2019 championship for the lightweight. It doesn’t matter if it will be an undisputed title presently held by an interim belt or Khabib Nurmagomedov. Holloway isn’t the number one option to face Nurmagomedov 2019 fight. However, Holloway might head to 155 pounds within 2019 whereby he might win the title.

The UFC will either radically change or get rid of their rankings

According to this bold prediction, UFC can alter its rankings dramatically. This is to prevent controversy. You can’t be sure if people voting on these rankings are robots or real human beings. If you have never met the people who vote in person, then you wouldn’t tell. Even Zuffa HQ life would be more comfortable.  Finally, UFC’s hall of fame will welcome Frank Shamrock, and Jens Pulver and fans can view the match live at agen sbobet or any other live casino.

Khabib Nurmagomedov will suffer his first professional loss

Khabib is known as the beast who has been mauling every fighter in the Octagon. His perfect record will come to an end this year in case he faces Tony Ferguson. If this fight happens, Ferguson might shock the world by having his hands raised at the end. While Conor McGregor is the striker, on the other hand, Ferguson isn’t. But Ferguson possesses more than the Irishman does.

Conor McGregor will lose a fight in the octagon

This is a daring prophesy whereby McGregor previous UFC victory happened in 2016, and never stepped into the 2017 cage. He was smashed in 2018, which was to be his only appearance. MMA team made a bold prediction that McGregor, who lives an extravagant lifestyle is beyond the UFC’s pay scale, and will not fight in 2019 MMA. It would have been a two-part prediction, with Dana White, who is the UFC president suffering from yearlong indigestion bouts. McGregor has shown his love for dollars and always looking for the next hill to climb. It’s only in 2016 that he lost to Nate Diaz.

Parting shot

If the flyweight division is stripped down, the UFC will replace with a stock of full marquee names, pay-per-view draws, and box office fascinations. Momentum will build more lightweights or welterweights who will want to put their names for the 165-pound weight category. From agen sbobet, you can place the bet on your preferred winner and also find other UFC matchups which are mouthwatering.

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