Dana White spoke to TMZ and revealed some rather juicy news.

Once upon a time, the Fertitta brothers took Dana White from some kind of boxing based jazzercise instructor to a multi-millionaire when they made him the UFC president. Now it appears that White wants to partner with a Fertitta again just not in the realm of combat sports.

Dana says that Lorenzo Fertitta wants to become an owner of an NFL team which isn’t surprising. Lorenzo has an estimated worth of $1.9B which is a staggering number especially considering where the UFC was when they bought it. Hint: It was in the crapper. White is worth a ridiculous $500M himself after the company sold for $4B and he cashed in. They earned every bit of what they have now and with that kind of cash flying around it wouldn’t be that much of an effort to make an NFL opportunity happen.

Here’s what DW told TMZ Sports…

What team would you like to see them get involved with? We are guessing the Las Vegas Raiders tops the list.

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