VIDEO: Malignaggi unleashes foul mouth tirade to GOAT at press conference and chaos erupts

Former Conor McGregor nemesis boxer Paulie Malignaggi is set to take on McGregor teammate Artem Lobov aka the GOAT in a bare knuckle boxing match. The bout will go down on June 22nd and it’s probably going to be brutal and will surely be personal. Paulie is a two division boxing champion and Artem will fight anyone if you ask him to.

This fight would have never come together if Malignaggi hadn’t been McGregor’s sparring partner in preparation for the Irishman’s boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. During those sessions we got to see a photo of Conor standing over Paulie claiming he knocked him down with a punch and a social media war between the two erupted. McGregor didn’t budge that he knocked him silly and Paulie vehemently denied it and claimed it was a push. Seems silly doesn’t it? It was enough to set this fight up after Lobov defended Conor so maybe it’s not so silly looking back.

During a press conference for the event Malignaggi unleashed a very foul mouthed tirade and all hell broke loose. Just watch but be forewarned that it is vulgar and prepare yourself.

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