Why Addiction Affects Your Friendship

Addiction not only destroys a person’s life, but it can also ruin many things around it. A person who is addicted gradually depends on it. Then, a time comes when he forgets all about his emotions and relationships. He lives only for his addiction. The loved ones around the person lose their value in them. But, the addicted person fails to understand their addiction’s impact on him/her. Relationships become an artificial thing them and they tend to show their emotions only superficially.

The addicted person’s brain reacts in a completely different way. The person eats in a different way, talks in a different way, and responds in a different way. In a word, the person’s behavior changes entirely. The behavioral pattern of an addicted person is described below. If you’re struggling with addiction, it is important to know how it can affect your friendship.

1. Desperate and Aggressive Behavior

Addiction can make you desperate. The friends whom you loved once, may try to show you the negative outcomes of the addiction. There could be some physical as well as mental problems. Even, your body can show some hormonal problems too. This blog can show you how alcohol can affect the thyroid gland function, which is known to play a key role as far as your mood is concerned. It is not uncommon that when an addicted person is given advice, they tend to react in an aggressive or desperate manner. You lose your basic senses and you try to give them some logical explanations about your addiction.

Moreover, you can become aggressive, if anyone tries to stop you. You try to dominate them and you want their support. These types of behavior change you and your friends begin to avoid you.

2. Financial Problems

Once you get addicted, you require a constant supply of money. If you are addicted, you can’t do your works properly. As a result, you may have to quit your job. Your brain and your body get tired.

This financial crisis can drive you mad. You begin to borrow money from your friends. At first, your friends may help you. But, soon your friends realize your financial condition and they begin to despise you. You will no more have your friend’s support.

3. Obsession

Your behavior towards your friends can change drastically. You may no longer be interested in regular conversations with your friends. Your changed behavior will be noticed by your friends. When you talk only about your addiction, then it becomes a monotonous topic. Your friends can leave you and they may not like your company.

4. Isolation

This is a very common behavior of an addicted person. When you submerge completely in addiction, you may not like anybody around you. You would just like to be with your addiction. Your friends and family members try to separate you from your addiction. This fear of separation can take you to isolation. You can even become angry if your friends try to disturb you. Your brain remains completely under the addiction.

5. Stubbornness

Addiction has a strong influence over you. You just can’t get out of it quickly. Your friends may give you some good advice. But, you don’t listen to them. This stubbornness in you separates your friends from you. They become tired of helping and advising you. At last, they abandon you.

Addiction influences all the nerves of your body. It becomes really difficult to get out of the addiction. But, if you prepare your mind to fight it, you will definitely win. Remember, a Human mind can change everything.

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