Tonight HRMMA will Hold one of its more ambitious events in Dayton, OH. The pro/am event is part of B2Digital, an organization that is turning in to one of the best development leagues in the Midwest. Check out the lineup for the event that begins at 7:30 PM in the Dayton Convention Center.

B2 Fighting Series Live Event

  1. Will Owens(Goodnight Muay Thai) vs Huynh Nguyen(Clintonville CrossFit) 170
  2. Josh Stinnette(Louisville Combat Academy) vs Tyler Rohrs(Team Rohrs) 155
  3. Will Strickland(Top Dogg MMA) vs Gabriel Freyre(Team OTG) 165
  4. Mitchel Vaughn(Hardknox MMA) vs Austin Bullion(Team Dayton) 135


  1. Tyler Schlairet(Top Dogg MMA) vs Stephen Hale(Team Dayton/Absolute MMA) 170
  2. Jacob Pierce(Louisville Combat Academy) vs Sam Conners(Drive MMA) 145
  3. Madison Allen(Club MMA) vs Katerina Fetters(Vision) 140 Female
  4. Derik Overstreet(HICS) vs Robert Grigsby(Tenbears) 205


  1. Nikolas Hoobler-Scherff(Club MMA) vs Paul Schommer(Vision Dayton) 170 PRO

Please visit for info on upcoming events.

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