Dana White reveals his two ‘dream fights’


Dana White recently revealed in an interview what his dream fights to make were. There were two mentioned and both involved the same fighter. Take a guess who it is. You have 5…4….3…2…

…1. Conor McGregor is in both of the scenarios and is it really that much of shock? McGregor equals money and his two opponents would make the UFC a whole lot of cash.

The first is obviously the rematch of the incredibly lucrative bout between lightweight king Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor. This could occur but the next one…not so much.


The odds of Floyd Mayweather in his prime getting in a real fight inside of a cage and not a rule heavy boxing much are astronomically high. The currently over 40 version is definitely not going to fight a former two division UFC champion in his prime so forget it was ever mentioned.

What do you think? Too much love for McGregor from Dana?

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