The Notorious did it again!  The millionth announcement about the retirement of Conor Mcgregory made us think about how the MMA fighters are spending their time after leaving the cage. They sure have plenty of time but not all of them have plenty of money to spend. While the lovers of MMA might think that all of the fighters are filthy rich, only a few of them have a money one might dream about. Over 190 MMA fighters can be proud of 6 figure earnings in 2018, while the others are getting approximately the same amount of money as the average household in the United States of America. Some of them, more precisely about 37 percent of MMA fighters make even less than USD 48,000. 

In MMA you need to be a top fighter to earn as much as Mcgregory, Khabib Nurmagomedov or, Mark Hunt make, who are the highest paid fighters in MMA today. They make the money not only by fighting but by sponsorships and endorsements. But enough about how much the fighters make and in what ways, not let’s see how they spend their money after retirement. 

James Thompson

As said, not all the MMA fighters can be proud of the impressive net worth. James Thompson’s net worth is approximately $1 million in 2019. Once a bouncer and debt collector James turned to MMA fighting after trying to pursue the career of bodybuilding. It was exactly in MMA where he hit the rock bottom of his career and perhaps the life. According to the Playamo experts (more about Playamo), the fighter had a gambling addiction that almost ruined his career in MMA. As he explained himself he would spend some 6 months in gambling, and return to it again and again after small breaks losing all of his money. Surprisingly, James has said in one of his interviews that he was never betting on himself. Which as he defines himself was due to the lack of self-confidence. The gambling addiction had resulted in over 17 months of the inactive period which was the longest layoff in his career. But being a fighter he is, Thompson managed to get over with his addiction. The Colossus is leading a modest life as there is not much of coming from him. 

Floyd Mayweather 

The modest is not the word we can use when talking about the pretty boy. Floyd Mayweather is not named as money without the reason. According to Forbes he was the highest paid celebrity in 2018, and of course the highest paid athlete. His net worth is estimated from $700 million to $1 billion. Everybody knows how Floyd loves spending money because he lets the whole world see the pictures of his private jet, mansions, boats and of course money! It’s said that he owns over 100 cars including a fleet of all white and all black luxury cars. But cars are not the thing he spends his money on. The pretty boy loves watches and has a collection of watches with 7 digit price tag on them and gambling. The last one can be the most expensive part of his lifestyle. Floyd loves Blackjack and is known for betting six-figure bets on various sports events. 

Conor Mcgregor

It’s definitely early to talk about life after the retirement of Conor Mcgregor as no one can be sure he is truly retired. Most probably, Khabib will once again make him return in MMA as he did in 2018. However, having a net worth $110 million he might actually decide not to come back and continue to enjoy his time and money more than he does now. And he does it well. Conor loves the luxury as much as Floyd does and makes the world envy of the pictured of his family and himself enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. From gold watches to yachts and designer clothes The Notorious loves them all. 

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