UFC on ESPN 4 is giving us one of the best rematches we could ask for.

Heavy hitters Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley will try to knock each other’s heads off. The first go around saw Woodley take the welterweight title off of Lawler back in 2016.

Woodley just got manhandled by Kamaru Usman in a loss that cost him the championship. Robbie recently nearly beat debuting Ben Askren in a fight that could have been stopped early in the first round. Lawler dumped Ben on his head and pummeled him to the point where some fans turned their eyes from the brutality.

The ref let Ben’s head continue to bounce off the mat and the fight continued until Askren attempted a bulldog choke and the fight was oddly stopped. The problem was that Lawler was not in any trouble. The ref later admitted it was a mistake to wave it off but it is still a loss.

Each of these fighters is looking to make a statement that they are still dangerous.

UFC on ESPN 4 takes place in Minneapolis on June 29th. Note that the fight is verbally agreed to and not officially signed.

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