Conor are we really doing this again?

Conor McGregor ‘retired’ for the kajillionth fafillionth shabbledoodle doo millionth time on social media. Here’s our coverage of it…

As you can see in the above article we highly doubt this is anything more than McGregor laughing at fan responses from behind his keyboard. This is also probably intended to aggravate Dana White by wasting his time with endless responses to media requests. At least until Conor lets him off the hook by admitting it was a farce.

One fighter who took notice and possibly relished this tweet was bitter rival and current UFC lightweight king Khabib Nurmagomedov. He kept it short and sweet and with a sprinkle of gloating troll.

To be honest here we think Khabib has earned it after absolutely deconstructing the Irishman back in October. How long will this be allowed to sit without McGregor responding with a rematch challenge?

5. 5 what? 4…3…2…

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