It’s a big weekend for UFC fans, particularly those that live in England. UFC Fight Night London takes place on Saturday March 16 with Darren Till topping the card with a welterweight bout against Jorge Masvidal. Your enjoyment of the event can be made even better if you place some bets on the fights that are due to take place.

Betting Boom

Since the UFC was launched in 1993, it has grown in popularity at a great rate. It’s a sport in which there are plenty of betting opportunities available and there will be plenty of cash wagered on the big fights this weekend and in the future, even those that might not even take place at all.

Whether it’s a Fight Night event or a massive PPV featuring fighters such as Conor McGregor or Daniel Cormier, there are always plenty of betting odds available. So, let’s look at what is on offer and how you can make some profits out of betting on MMA.

Plenty of Markets Available

Gone are the days when you can just place a bet on who’s going to win the fight. It’s still the most popular bet and of course there’s always the option of going for the Draw No Bet option. Betting on a draw or technical draw is possible and this is usually at very high odds and always worth a small wager, especially in a fight that is expected to go the distance.

There are several other markets that you can place bets on. For example, you can try and predict the method of victory. Will the fight end with one of the competitors being knocked out? Or perhaps the referee will step in and stop the fight? Then again, the fight may go to a points decision. Odds are available on all of these options. With a little bit of downtime before and after a fight, why not check out the extensive range of free to play games over at who review some of the newest games on the market.

When will the Fight End?

What round will the fight end in is another popular bet that gamblers love trying their luck on. You can bet on whether the fight will end in either rounds one, two or three with odds available for each fighter. There are some good odds available here, particularly if you believe the outsider might win in round one.

Perhaps the fight may go the distance, again the odds can be high if the two fighters concerned are known for their inside-the-distance wins. It’s also possible to place a bet on whether the fight will go the distance or end before the final bell.

Recent years have seen the under/over market become popular in sport. It’s also available in MMA and the common offer is under or over 1.5 rounds in the fight. The odds offered are usually fairly close.

In-Play Betting

Odds are available for fights months in advance of them taking place. With this ante-post betting there’s the chance to take the odds and then see them fall in the weeks leading up to the bout. Of course, the opposite can happen and the odds you’ve taken will be smaller than the subsequent odds, that’s the peril of ante-post betting.

In days gone by, you just placed a bet on an event and then let it take place and hope you got the winner. Now it’s all changed, and you can be placing bets while the fight takes place. This adds even more excitement because the odds will be fluctuating throughout the fight. If your selection makes a slow start, the odds will lengthen, That can be to your advantage because if you still think he or she is going to win, you can place some more bets at the better odds.

If your selection gets off to a good start, their odds may shorten but confident of victory, you can place further bets. For example, you might have fancied a points victory but now fancy an inside-the-distance win. A bonus with in-play betting is that if your selection is struggling, you can put some bets on their opponent to try and rescue some of your cash, perhaps even make a profit.

Cash Out or Not to Cash Out?

There’s also the cash out feature that can help you out. This allows you to end your bet on the fight before it comes to its natural end. If your selection starts well but you’re not sure if they’ll keep it up, you can cash out your bet. It’s great when you do that, and they go on to lose.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to bet on an MMA fight. It’s great fun to follow a fight that you have a financial interest in (though only bet what you can afford to lose). It gets even better if there is live streaming available allowing you to watch the action as it happens.

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