HRMMA 106 results

HRMMA 106 went down last night at Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green, KY. Over 2500 people crammed in to the center to watch potential future legends try and make a name for themselves. Here are the full results via BluegrassMMA.


Amateur Bouts:

1. Hayden Webb (Campbellsville MMA) vs Tom Davis (Derby City) 185
Result: Tom Davis def. Hayden Webb by TKO (Strikes), 1:46 Rd 1

2. Thomas Agrue (Dry Ridge MMA) vs Darrell Simmons (Wild-Side) 145
Result: Darrell Simmons def. Thomas Agrue by TKO(Strikes), 2:18 Rd 2

3. Eriq Harris (Hayes MMA) vs Doc Parks (Apex) 145
Result: Doc Parks def. Eriq Harris by Sumissio (Rear Naked Choke), 1:46 Rd 1

4. Jimmy Sandlin (Vision Dayton) vs Damon Bell (Griffins Submission) 180
Result: Jimmy Sandlin def. Damon Bell by Unanimous Decision

5. Michael Taylor (Yabb Fight Team) vs Austin Green (Etown Beatdown) Heavyweight
Result: Austin Green def. Michael Taylor by TKO (Strikes), 00:20 Rd 1

6. Sito Nunez (Shawn’s World) vs Shaun VanHook (Hayes MMA) 155
Result: Shaun Vanhook def. Sito Nunez by Unanimous Decsion

7. Justin Cruse (ATC) vs Zack Patton (Apex) 155
Result: Zack Patton def. Justin Cruse by Submssion(Rear Naked Choke),  1:54 Rd 1

8. Ross Hepburn (KBMA) vs Jacob Warf (Campbellsville MMA) 205
Result: Jacob Warf def. ROss Hepburn by Unanimous Decision

9. Gage Mitchell (Hayes MMA) vs Myron Salvador (HICS) 135
Result: Gage Mitchell def. Myron Salvador by Submssion (RNC), 1:03 Rd 3

10. Charles Bowlin (Yabb Fight Team) vs Brandon Polston (Billy Scott’s) 170
Result: Brandon Polston def. Charles Bowlin by TKO (Strikes), Rd 2

11. Stevo Morris (Shawn’s World) vs Jose Rodriguez (ATC) 155
Result: Jose Rodriguez def. Stevo Morris by Knockout, 00:21 Rd 1

12. Allen Miller (ATC) vs Josh Rivera (Etown Beatdown) 155
Result: Josh Rivera def. Allen Miller by Split Decision

13. Adam Cardwell (Billy Scott’s) vs Derik Overstreet (HICS) 205
Result: Derik Overstreet def. Adam Cardwell by TKO, 00:17 Rd 1

14. Alvin Miller (Bonafyde MMA) vs Michael Douglas (Corbin Martial Arts)(champ) 155 Title
Result: Michael Douglas def Alvin Miller by Submission(Armbar), 1:44 Rd 1

Pro Bouts:

15. Ryan McIntosh (RM MMA) vs Ricky Jones Jr. (Etown Beatdown) 160
Result: Ricky Jones Jr. def. Ryan McIntosh by Submission(Triangle Choke),  2:14 Rd 1

16. Randy Jones (Derby City) vs Braedon Ward (Billy Scott’s) 155
Result: Randy Jones def. Braedon Ward by TKO (Strikes)  3:43 Rd 1

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