Thanks to the success of James Toney vs Randy Couture and Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr we may be getting another boxing vs MMA freakshow.

Vitor Belfort recently made a challenge to former boxing world champ Roy Jones Jr to step in to a ring with him. This would have been an interesting match-up 15-20 years ago but they are both north of 40 and Jones is actually sitting at an even 50 years old. Watching them scrap would be like watching your two angry neighbors throw down on the front lawn. It wouldn’t be pretty.


Belfort also spoke out about getting back on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) which, if you remember what he looked like back then, is not good for Jones Jr. Joe Rogan called that version of Vitor the ‘scariest fighter’ he had ever seen. TRTitor was a beast who destroyed anything in his path. Once he came off the stuff he was leaner and far less defined. Jones better hope he doesn’t get to use it or at least use it himself.

To be fair, Anderson Silva once wanted to face Roy in a boxing ring but that was when the Brazilian was the unstoppable UFC king of 185 pounds. I guess it’s a Brazilian thing then because now Belfort wants a piece too. Should Jones Jr be flattered by the love and respect from Brazil?

Will it happen or won’t it? Who knows. Roy did accept the fight though as he told TMZ in this video interview.

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