We’ll save you time here. The setup for the topic being discussed by Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub is simple. During Ben Askren’s UFC debut fight with Robbie Lawler there were two crazy moments.

The first was when Lawler dumped Ben brutally on his head and beating him senseless. The bout could have been stopped here and no one would have argued but Ben himself. The actual stoppage came when Askren got Lawler in a pretty tame Bulldog choke and out of nowhere Herb Dean just called an end to the fight.

No one could figure out why especially since Robbie just stood up immediately. Dean said a short time later in the cage to Rogan that he thought Lawler was out. He clearly was not but it’s MMA so what can you do, right?

Joe Rogan and frequent guest former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub discussed the UFC 235 incident in a way only they could. Check it out.


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