Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington had a crazy UFC 235 weekend. He ambushed Dana White with a camera while he was gambling, had Ali Abdelaziz threaten to kill him, beefed with NFL player Todd Gurley and had to time to almost brawl with the Diaz posse. Specifically, Nate.

Stockton 209?! What? WHAT!

Speaking to MMA Weekly about the event he recounted the profanity laced tirades they launched in to.

Nate Diaz strolls by right when Dana White comes over like ‘chill out, Colby, just be good, just chill, watch the fights, enjoy the fights’. He comes over, Dana leaves, Nate Diaz comes right by ‘f—k you Colby’, he flips me off right in front of my face.

He responded in kind.

I’m like what are you doing Nate Diaz? You’re the easiest fight in the UFC for anybody. You barely have a winning record. What are are you 10-10 as a fighter? You’re a f—king joke. Why are you talking to the welterweight king like that?

Listen to the whole thing in the video below.

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