It’s amazing how things can change in a year.

Rising star Mickey Gall was shown that not all veterans are gatekeepers. On Saturday he was properly spanked and put in time out by Diego Sanchez who looked more like the old ‘Nightmare’ version of himself than the ‘Dream’. Sanchez won via TKO in the second round to the surprise of many.

From pillar to post the TUF season 1 alumnus schooled the youngster and reminded him that wins over opponents like a debuting novice pro wrestler turned MMA fighter CM Punk don’t mean you are the best in the world. See what I did there? Cuz Punk’s saying is “best in the world”….

Moving on…

Gall took to Instagram and was clear it was not Diego’s skill in his opinion or experience but rather poor conditioning on his part.

See what he did there. A ‘nightmare’ come true. Because Diego is nicknamed ‘The Nightmare’…

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