By most accounts the belief out there in the crazy world of MMA social media is that Ben Askren was gifted a win over Robbie Lawler at UFC 235.

Askren made his hyped debut on Saturday night and if you believed his fans the outcome was going to be Lawler left in a pile of his own blood in less than a round. What happened instead was Ben getting dropped on his head and in serious danger of having the fight stopped. Refs have saved fighters from beatings far less severe but the bout was allowed to continue despite Ben appearing to be in serious trouble.

Later in the fight Robbie was caught in a choke and the fight was stopped. The second after the ref called it off Robbie stood straight up showing he was nowhere close to being unconscious. It was a mess and Dana White immediately showed interest in running it back to be fair to both of them, but Ben does not want to and if we are being honest here – if we were him – we wouldn’t want to risk it either.

Check out his comments and thoughts on the matter.

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