UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes is respected by the MMA community and considered one of the greatest to ever do it. The former welterweight champion has a who’s who on his resume of victims that includes GSP, BJ Penn, Matt Serra, and Royce Gracie. Sadly some of that respect may disappear with some recent developments that have come to light.

His wife Audra and twin brother Mark have both filed restraining orders claiming to be on the receiving end of Matt’s rage. As most of you know, Matt was in a horrific car crash which involved a collision with a train. It left Matt in a coma and caused permanent brain damage.

With brain damage often comes a variety of personality changes. Bouts of extreme anger, sadness, and confusion are not uncommon for those with head trauma. According to reports first broken by TMZ that is why the restraining orders were filed against the former UFC champion.

His wife Audra claims only a short time from his initial recovery he became violent and attacked her in the shower. Later she claims he snapped when she didn’t give him his truck keys.

I told him he can’t have them because he shouldn’t drive due to his DAI.

Matt then allegedly choked her for the refusal. She also claims that in July of 2018 he threatened to shoot her and in December he hit her in front of her son, their daughter, and his step dad.

The restraining order states that he must stay 500 feet away from her and her children.

His twin brother Mark filed his for Matt allegedly roughing up his son and trying to destroy his tractor because they couldn’t agree on who owned it. The suspicion stemmed from discovering gasoline on the tractor and surrounding area as if he planned on starting a large fire.

More on this as information becomes available…

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