Joe Rogan is the voice of the UFC on pay per view so when ESPN entered the picture it was a natural assumption that he would be there, too.

He was there recently as Jon Jones defended his belt, who proved a popular selection amongst punters using this promo code.

So was this the case he would enter the picture?


Joe surprised us all on his Fight Companion podcast when he gave his explanation of why.

I’m not interested. I would take this for zero money over being in Phoenix right now. Although I would like to see those fights live and call those fights live, I’m good with 10 a year — 10 a year is what I like. Once a month, two months off.

We didn’t see that coming. Most of us would take moments in the spotlight like that any day, all day, all year. He makes great money and he has the fame to go along with it.


Not having days off would suck. Check out all of what he said.

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