If you read the match fixtures listings and have grand dreams of being discovered one day, don’t worry you are not alone. Being successful in your MMA field is a combination of talent and training and those big names that make it to the top work hard to get where they are. Here at freetips.com, we have been searching for their training secrets to help you hone your time so you can achieve greater things this year.


Rising to the top takes a lot of skill, and obtaining that skill takes discipline. Going it alone is rarely successful so if you have not done so already find a gym that offers MMA training and get yourself sighed up. Some gyms are better at one specific martial art than others to do some local research and see what is on offer. Regardless you will need to learn the basics of blocking, kicking and punching but this is no bar room brawl it is a disciplined skill so learn from someone that knows what they are talking about.

Build Stamina

Starting strong and fading fast is a surefire way not to win or get very far, as well as learning your art you will also need to build endurance. Circuit training and HITT training are both great ways to build up, and sometimes you will not be doing anything in the form of hitting and kicking you will be building your basic fitness levels and learning how to endure. It takes a lot to fight hard for over five minutes, so you need good aerobic endurance as well as the ability to keep going when you are tired.

Core Strength

Having to keep resting because you are injured is going to get pretty frustrating. Core straight is vital to ensure that you can train and fight without damaging your back muscles, back injuries can be really hard to come back from. Good core strength will help with your abs and your spine and enable you to start from a stronger point. More weight and fewer reps are the formulae when it comes to building muscle so ditch the endless crunches and focus on less is more with weights.

Eat to Train

Carb loading is a great way to ensure that the body has the reach when you need it most. Learn how to eat for workout sessions, training sessions and fights, as well as on rest days, so you build bulk not fat. You need to power through when it matters most so finding your ultimate diet is a must. Take advice from others in your field and of course your trainer. There is a massive difference from heading to a gym and hitting the punching bag to actually training to become a master of your martial art. Commitment and changes in every aspect of your life are needed if you really want to head to the big time, so it is all down to your dedication and desire.

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