Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez has his hands full this weekend when he returns to the octagon for the first time in over two years to face the number three ranked Francis Ngannou at UFC on ESPN 1 in Phoenix.

Injuries have kept the former champion sidelined and his teammate Daniel Cormier in the meantime has claimed the heavyweight strap. In this new impromptu interview with TMZ, Cain says he’s down to fight anyone — and by anyone we assume he means anyone but his teammate Daniel Cormier who holds the UFC heavyweight title — including the arguable G.O.A.T. Jon “Bones” Jones should he choose to move up to heavyweight.

“[I will fight] anyone. That’s why I’m in this sport: to fight the best guys, to be the best out there. To me, go out there and perform and win and take on the best guys.”

“I think I could [beat Jon Jones]. I think I’m good enough. Jon Jones is an amazing athlete. I’ve watched him in all his fights, I know what he’s capable of. Again, every guy poses a great challenge and I think he does as well but I think I can beat him.”

-Cain Velasquez

What do you think, could the 36-year-old Velasquez do what his teammate and friend Daniel Cormier was unable to do on two separate occasions? Is it a fight you think we will ever see and is it one you want to see?

We definitely do! But first he has to get through Ngannou after a two-plus year layoff.


Velasquez: 14-2 overall MMA record with 12 knockouts and 2 decision victories (Age 36, 6-ft 1-inch tall, reach 77-inches)

Jones: 23-1 overall MMA record with 10 knockouts and 6 submission victories (Age 31, 6 ft 4-inches tall, reach 84.5 inches)

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