Watch jacked Cro Cop hit the pads before he tries to get revenge on Roy Nelson for 2011 KO

Roy Nelson will be facing Mirko Cro Cop again but this time it won’t be in the UFC’s Octagon. They will get it on under the Bellator banner at Bellator 217 on Saturday, February 16th.

Roy won their first outing via TKO at UFC 137 in October of 2019. It was during a time where fans were witnessing the vulnerability of the once idolized Croatian striker and one we would like to forget.

Cro Cop has gone 9-0 since 2013 whereas Nelson is a dismal 3-6 making him a prime candidate to give Mirko his win back. A video was posted focusing on Cro Cop looking buff and dangerous. Buff and Dangerous would be a great title for a buddy comedy featuring Pat Barry and Mirko. Make it happen.

Check out the video below and the translated verbiage.

Mirko Filipovic is ready to retaliate against Roy Nelson in the fight of the MMA icon. #CroCop wants to continue a row of 9 wins and revenge for the 2011 knockout! Do not miss the fight on Sunday morning live on the #Golhr portal and the same day at 21:15 on Nova TV.

What do you think? Can he beat Nelson?

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